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The writings of Szilvia Kecsmár are characterized by a casual style and a wry sense of humor, but at the same time, her stories are moving, down-to-earth and deeply contemplative. She is constantly influenced by languages, cultures, flavors, people… Her interests lie mainly in the deeper layers of life, the conscious and unconscious driving forces of human existence.

She has been publishing for years in magazines (Liget, Ezredvég, Agria, Kalligram, Pannon Tükör, Tiszatáj Online) and anthologies (Zoltán Simon: Mi, bátor akhájok, 2020 (Modern Odyssey – Artist’s Book); Szegedi Horizont [Szeged Horizon] 2017; Zoltán Simon: Apám kalapja [My Father’s Hat], 2016; Gyűlölet és kiengesztelődés a Bibliában [Hatred and Reconciliation in the Bible], 2016; Itt maradni [To Stay], 2015; Szeged Antológia [Szeged Anthology] 2014, 2015, 2016).

In 2013, her work titled Dióhéjban [In a Nutshell] had earned her a spot among the winners of the “TITOK LEGYEN!” [IT MUST BE A SECRET!] competition, hosted by literary and ecological magazine, Liget. In 2014, her novel titled Kétpercnyi mennyország [Two Minutes in Heaven] was one of the winners in the “Kortárs irodalmi alkotások pályázata 2013” [Competition of Contemporary Literary Works 2013] competition. 

In 2016, she graduated from the Doctoral School of Literary Studies of SZTE-BTK. She has studied in Paris and Vienna. She currently lives in Brussels. Her novel, Egy maréknyi fűszer [A Handful of Spices] was released in 2018. It can be found in the catalogs of Libri, Líra, Bookline, Book24, Álomgyár etc…


The tale of Emmi is a tale of our times. It takes a field trip to Paris and the start of the struggles into adulthood as a result of it, for her to find herself and discover her own voice and goals. The bits of spice tossed into the fire present her the promise of a new life during the Indian ashram ritual. Will she be able to leave the past behind and look towards the future? Egy maréknyi fűszer [A Handful of Spices], novel.


FISZ [Young Writers’ Association] (2018)

Szegedi Írók Társasága [Szeged Writers’ Society] (2014)

The optics of Szilvia Kecsmár are unconventional optics. Although she knows and uses the tools of traditional narrative prose, and is no stranger to avant-garde and postmodern tricks as well, she nonetheless travels her own path, first and foremost, following her own habits and urges. Her viewpoint is, without a doubt and in the noblest sense of the term, that of a woman. Her view and perspective of the world are not fueled by traditional feminine roles, but neither do they build off the feminine ideal of consumerist society. The tone of her writings, in which irony and a sense of distance fit well with devotion and faith in humanity, her individuals and the tone of her words enrich the Hungarian literature of the third millennium with new flavors.

Zoltán Bene


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